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Drag Racing Christmas Cards Ready To Print:


Drag Racing Christmas Cards Ready To PrintDrag Racing Christmas Cards Ready To Print

Download a set of the Drag Racing / Hot Rod Christmas Cards in Print ready 5X7 size. A nice way to personalize a Christmas Card to thank your sponsors, send something out of the ordinary to a friend that shows you are a hot rod fanatic.

Cards come in two sets, One Set with A "Merry Christmas Greeting" and another set "Without A Greeting". Feel Free to add your own text to the "Non-Greeting" cards in any simple photo program that has text capabilities. Send them as Photo Cards to friends over the internet or in print. All Images are from and only ask you do not remove the watermark which is very small. Enjoy these and then stop on over to the "Christmas Art Contest" where they are now creating images for their contest. Some great stuff by all types of artists.

Files are zipped up for fast download, 100% virus free:

Drag Racing Christmas Cards Set One With Greeting:
Click The Link Below and Choose "SAVE" Download will begin.
Drag Racing Christmas Cards Set One With Greeting

Drag Racing Christmas Cards Set Two Without Greeting:
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Drag Racing Christmas Cards Set Two Without Greeting

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The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods "Chevy vs. The World" - Part II: Maple Grove Super Chevy Show 2011 - Tim O'Hare and Steve Kramer Crowned As Champions


The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Anyone who has visited the Maple Grove track in July will surely know it's insanely hot, but not hotter than the action the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association brings to the show and race. This group of hard hitting, doorslammer teams know right well they are going to do battle with not only each other but with a track surface that reached temps upwards of 135+ degrees.

The rotating assemblies would be stressed to the breaking point just from the excessive heat but of course the quality of the machines and the mass of screaming horsepower would take as much as they would give it as fans of both racing and shows watched in awe as drivers scorched the asphalt 1/4 mile.

The Pro Mods are nothing short of extreme when the light turns green on the tree forcing massive power to the ground under the most strenuous circumstances of tires vs. track. Notably the Super Chevy Show series has been entertaining the world since its inception for 30 years, bringing show cars, race cars and vendors known all to well from their premier publication. The newest avenue for the race series would be the inclusion of other "Brands" to face off with the "Bowties" now in its second outing with the Super Chevy Show.

Read The Full The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods "Chevy vs. The World" - Part II: Maple Grove Super Chevy Show 2011 Review Here With Over 900 Photos

Falcon Northwest Computers Powering goDragRacing Photography, Graphics and Web Design

new-falcon-northwest-computer-and-partsFalcon Northwest IMO has always given you a machine they love to have you open and explore. They pride themselves on their attention to the smallest details, fit, finish, performance and one of their strong points cooling and accessibility.

The Falcon Mach Series is a full tower design; I needed a mid tower and a decent price which led me in the beginning to the Talon series. My last machine was the standard "almond" case which seven years later even after all its awards now is the newest version of the Talon case. All metal, extremely heavy case finished with black panels, silver mesh, and the brushed black anodized look. All panels are easily removed which they really want you to do, since this is where the "Art" of the machine comes in.

Read The Full Falcon Northwest Talon Review Here

Kaspers Certified Automotive Logo Design

Kaspers Certified Automotive Logo Design

Kaspers Certified Automotive Logo DesignNew Logo Design for Kaspers Certified Automotive soon to be incorporated into an upgraded website. Owner requested a logo that speaks to you saying "we repair cars" based in South Jersey.

Owners Tommy Kasper as in Tommy and TJ Kasper of Outlaw 10.5 racing looked for a less generic image with "Auto Repair" elements included plus the states colors involved.

This is a final draft with only highlights to be added. Kaspers Korner Website design makeover will be coming shortly as the website is now being produced. Website Release / Shakedown Palm Beach Website Release / Shakedown Palm BeachNow Just for comes a new website featuring all the information needed as its own entity on the net.

This website is taking shape with the race coming soon, new results will follow with full racing recaps, videos, photos and more from the southern session with Al Anabi Racing included. Please bookmark the new site and find all you need to go racing in the south as more news is on the way as race day nears.

The ShakedownPBIR website is brand new as part of a professional drag racing series that started with the original Shakedown At E'Town over 9 years ago and is heading south for new challenges.

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Logo Design "Chevy Vs. The World 2011"

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Logo Design Chevy Vs. The World 2011

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Logo Design Chevy Vs. The World 2011Two logo designs for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association's upcoming Super Chevy Tours "Chevy vs. The World.

One is stand alone; the other is in a palette style featuring three of the types of Pro Mods found in the classes. Since many of the members have non Chevy bodies or vehicles it's a manufacturer shootout of Blown, Nitrous Assisted, and Turbocharged entries.

These guys run the full quarter mile and are one of the most exciting in Pro Modified which tour many tracks in the northeast and some outer ranges. Logos include pro mods from their racing series ?Fredy Scriba, Pete Farber and Steve Drummond of Drummond Race Cars See their website for schedule information.

Mustang Notchback Rendering and 1440X960 Wallpaper "Dave Cappolina"

Mustang Notchback Rendering and 1440X960 Wallpaper

Mustang Notchback Rendering and 1440X960 Wallpaper A new rendering for Dave Cappolina drawn in adobe Photoshop CS3, using an image and the outline based on a standard notchback mustang fox body.

Owner wanted to view the car in Corvette ZR1 "Sonic Orange" with Champ5 wheels and black bead locks before painting it this color. The Mustang rendering was done as an example of his own personal race car which will compete in various drag racing classes this year.

Site Restructure of Drag Racing DVDs Drag Racing DVDs

Gary Courtier Camaro Pro Mod Sponsorship Proposal Working of the original Justin Spencer design, Sean Melton wanted to preserve the look but make it more into the future spec for a sales based website. Adding more social media sharing, working on good SEO and simply rearranging the site to make it more web friendly. Urban Hillbilly is by far the most recognized name in Drag Racing DVDs and sales with excellent standing in the Motorsports communities and Outlaw Drag Racing world.

Gary Courtier Camaro Pro Mod Sponsorship Proposal

Gary Courtier Camaro Pro Mod

Gary Courtier Camaro Pro Mod Sponsorship ProposalGary Courtier Sponsorship proposal montage of some pages for the well known 1968 Camaro Pro Mod out of New York that was runner up at the Shakedown at E Town 2010 and Super Chevy 2010.

This is both a web based and just a few out of eight pages in full color and made into a complete presentation, slideshow, web presentation in a sponsor requested link; with a paged PDF included. All printable pages were done in 300dpi high resolution for his upcoming season. Look Up Gary Courtier On Facebook For More Information and become a sponsor.

Northeast Custom Car Show Flyer Design 2011

Northeast Custom Car Show Flyer Design 2011Recently released is the newest version of the upcoming Custom Car Show put on by Full House Motorsports LLC. A welcome addition to the show car national's style stage, covering the Philadelphia area with one of the largest followings as of this writing.

The car show will cover many different kinds of street, show, customs and collector cars along with celebrities like Danny Bonaduce of 94WYSP, the car show supermodel and spokeswoman "Jessica Barton" with many others, featuring vendors, sponsors and activities all through the weekend of March 2tth to 27th at the Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks PA.

Godragracing Mark

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Orlando Speed World Dragway Cover Shot RPM Magazine

Shakedownatetown Cover Shot RPM Magazine

Full Cover Shot For RPM Magazine

New Camaro Drag Racing Website Released,

Verzilli Racing website Released, Drag Racing Camaro websiteIt's been in the works for over a year but hardship among the family as in the passing of Susan Verzilli prior to the debut stalled it for this webmaster. A great friend and super relations ambassador to the drag racing community Susan and Bill Verzilli campaign one of the meanest Camaro's around, Bad, Black and awesomely fast, A true Camaro lovers dream car that runs quicker than 8.50 in the quarter mile with various championships under their belts.

This website is completely Susan's own design ideas, words and more. The team has gone through a terrible tragedy with Susan's passing 1/16/2010 as I release this on the anniversary of her passing. The website contains past articles and present activities. A complete website driven with basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?s utilizing flash and some social media sharing tools.

The Racing logo design was a goDragRacing design built for a clean option of t shirts and stickers or for letterheads for the team. Complete with a blog style information page, galleries and wallpapers, videos and other drag racing photographers inspired multimedia in Hi res. Stop in and enjoy this awesome car and team.

Coast Chassis Design / Components And Fabrication Website Released

Coast Chassis Of Daytona Beach Website For Drag Racing Components And Chassis FabricationOne of the biggest undertakings is bringing a website to the top after its redesign; this is the case with Coast Chassis Design LLC of Daytona Beach Florida.

Taking it back to a standards compliant XHTML based website after it was a PHP based shopping cart style website is never simple yet the amount of good web content provided by the company owners Tim Christ and Pete Bonafide played a huge part of this newest website redesign which includes a simple speed shop, parts department, Drag Racing News Blog and feedback from customers as it grows.

Already big in pages it has so much more coming as they complete projects and add news of their Outlaw Racing season with their flagship Outlaw 10.5 Mercedes Benz, yes, that's right a Mercedes Benz. The owners will be able to update along with me the main sections which include full facebook integration, social media sharing in a widget style. Flash and JavaScript menus, slideshows, and an elegant yet strong design when opened up on today's wide screen monitors.

The galleries of customers, drag racing wallpapers and more round out the complete package again up to the standards of all the major browsers taking them well into the year 2011 in style. Art Contest Christmas Blowout 56 Chevy Nomad

Drag Racing Hot Rod Art Illustration WallpaperHaving a good competition between illustrators and artists on the net, give us as designers and Drag Racing Photographers a place to create cool artwork and share with others especially at the Christmas time. This 56 Chevy Nomad was created to compete and give back to all of the goDragRacing web design fans to share with others as a sponsors greeting and so on.

The design was inspired by the combinations of the Stanley & Weiss Racing ADRL Camaro Pro Mod and Vince DiRose with his supercharged 57 Chevy. The combination gave way to a full rendering using nothing but basic shapes, and style in Photoshop with some airbrushing included. Enjoy The New Year in Drag Racing Style Wallpaper included by clicking on the image to enlarge in 1440X960 Wide screen monitor size.

Car Show Website Design For Full House Motorsports LLCFull House Motorsports commissioned goDragRacing to design a blog style website with layout and logo design also part of the package with all the nice little sliders, flash and simplicity for the main LLC part of their growing Car Show and Promotions section of their business.

The website incorporates Facebook integration, social media sharing, descriptive and complete SEO to be found on the net combined with Valid XHTML for the highest quality website we could offer in today's designs. Major browser compatible for all standards set by w3org was the major design intention, clean, crisp, and fully functional in all aspects, owner and goDragRacing maintained.

2010 Shakedown at E-Town Photo Review and Highlights

Eight Classes Of Drag Racing Action

Photos By and "Eric Basmajian" The Drag Racing Photographers

Last year, without a doubt, the Shakedown at E-Town was one of the most sensational events to happen in the Northeast. Seven classes were upped this year to eight, featuring the newest addition of the "Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association" as the featured inclusion. Read The Full Race Review Of The 8th Annual Shakedown At E Town 2010 Here:

The ADRL.US Shakedown At E Town 2010 Race Review And Photos

View Over 1,900 Drag Racing Photos Of The ADRL.US Shakedown At E Town 2010

Al-Anabi Racing had obligations that would disallow them from being able to sponsor the event with contractual limitations so the took the event over with fervor. Back on the billing were Barwa, Speedtech Nitrous, and now Adrenaline Magazine combining to fill the open sponsorship slots. Returning again were Western Beef, Protorque, Modzilla Cannonball Racing, Vincent Amato, K & K Advanced Door Car Technology, Precision Turbo, P M Construction and who can leave out Mickey Thompson.

The Shakedown was not only streamed live over the internet but now just a month later, RPM Magazine, Drag Illustrated, and more have pages of searing high horsepower stories coming to print and most likely in your mailbox. Press and media hounded this event from beginning to end capturing images and pages of text to have posted on internet message boards and social media.

The event this year was all quarter mile drag racing except for the unlimited "The Adrenaline ADRL Outlaw 1/8th Mile Challenge: Presented By Barwa. For lack of better explanations, the earth turning power of these cars is incredible. Doorslammers at their finest. All other classes set records or Shakedown Best ofs for performances. Not a single champion was able to repeat. New champions were crowned and now have a full year to come back and defend their titles with honor.

Susan Verzilli, who was part of the 8.50 Index, was honored after her passing on January 16th of this year. Susan had promoted the huge 8.50 Index field, putting together more money for those racers in the class. The race itself was dedicated in the honor of track owner Vinny Napp and Susan Verzilli during afternoon ceremonies. The legendary Camp Stanley was named Grand Marshall and the lovely "Jessica Barton" was the first official spokesmodel of The Shakedown at E-Town.


NHRA Pro Stock Drag Racing Comes To Hollywood Via Ralph Romeo, "Romeo Brothers Racing" Filming To Begin January 2011!!

Author: Ralph Romeo | Colmar, Pa, Photos By "The Drag Racing Photographers" Joe Carlin, Ralph Romeo, Eddie Tunick,"The Tea Man", an independent feature film, based criteria in 1987, the movie follows the lives of two mid-life crisis friends, who with the help of an ex-con "old head", played by Motion Picture Actor Eddie Tunick decided to rob banks to make things right! What could possibly go wrong? The film has just wrapped up and is set to World Premier in both Philadelphia and Hollywood late fall 2010.

Writer / producer / director Joe Carlin's next film on NHRA Pro Stock Drag Racing which will star Mr. Tunick and begin shooting in Pomona, California January 2011. Both Mr. Carlin and Mr. Tunick, had been looking feverishly to find a racing team that would help them in their endeavors to obtain technical, critical, information that Mr. Carlin felt was necessary for the technical side of the script and the "film's success". They didn't have to look too far! The name Ralph Romeo ("Bowtieone"), and his sons Steven, Tommy and Michael ("The Real Pep Boys") of Romeo Brothers Racing based in Colmar, Pa, kept coming up over and over again.

Mike Romeo of Romeo Brothers Racing BP Speed ShopWhen Mr. Carlin met Ralph at the shop, they spent hours talking about race cars, and the many races Michael had won in 2009 and 2010 in The 10.0 Index such as Englishtown, New Jersey and Cecil County Maryland of which he won both championships in 2009. Tommy had won an 8.50 race at Atco, New Jersey, in his first season; Steve had also won a 10.0 race at Atco as well. Mr. Carlin asked "who's your sponsor"? Ralph answered "We have BP Speedshop in Horsham, Pa who helps us out a little, but we have no Major Sponsor". To Mr. Carlin's surprise he couldn't believe that they did not have a major sponsor. Carlin also asked Ralph "how did you learn so much about Pro Stock Drag Racing"? Ralph said "I attribute much of what I have learned over the years to such great Pro Stock Racers like Kenny Koretsky aka (Captain Chaos), Eddie Guarnaccia (his cousin), Warren Johnson aka (The Professor), Joe Lepone Jr, Larry Lombardo ,But mostly from my [ best friend] Roland Tomaccio". "It was a match made in heaven" Carlin added. So he decided to sponsor them for "THE SHAKEDOWN AT E-TOWN".

Steven Romeo Racing At The Shakedown At E TownLast week was their first 8.50 sponsored joint venture at "THE SHAKEDOWN AT E-TOWN" in Englishtown, New Jersey, where Michael "Mike" Romeo qualified 5th, as 60 cars vied for position in a 32 car field. Steven Romeo just missed the bump. "Hey, that's racing", said Ralph Romeo, a 40 year veteran and innovator of the sport. "You can't help eatin', breathin' and sleepin' this sport once it grabs you" added Ralph. Carlin agreed, "Hey, I wasn't expecting to become a motor head when I started this project, but I'm hooked"!

Sunday October 10th, Eddie Tunick will be at The Toyo Tire Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, Pa, where he will enjoy the thrills of the NHRA and "The Full Throttle Racing Series", and will continue to promote "The Tea Man" movie.

Eddie who has been tagged as "Hollywood's Newest Bad Guy" will be autographing colored photographs for the race fans.

Tommy Romeo Brothers Racing Pro StockOn Sunday, October 10, 2010, Bob Frey, "The Voice of NHRA Racing" announced "The Tea Man" movie starring Motion Picture Actor Eddie Tunick will premier in Philadelphia and Hollywood late November. The announcement was made at the Toyo Tire Nationals Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, PA. There were over 50,000 race fans in attendance and it was broadcast worldwide to millions of people on ESPN. Eddie is absolutely overwhelmed by the thousands of friend requests on his Facebook page and loves the huge response from his fans all over the world!

Eddie was accompanied by his personal friend and business partner Ralph Romeo, President and CEO of RMS Enterprises LTD. Eddie is busy researching for his next movie depicting the real life story of an NHRA drag racer competing his way up through the ranks of the "Full Throttle Racing Series". He is scheduled to appear at the Las Vegas Nationals October 28th thru the 31st. everyone is invited to stop by for a personally autographed picture. Filming for the new movie begins early 2011 in Pomona, CA.

View the movie's trailer at

Eddie Tunick E-Mail: See Eddie Tunick on Facebook

Stay tuned for updates by TEXTING theteaman to 90210.

Text: bowtieone to 90210 for more information on Romeo Brothers Racing.

Romeo Brothers Racing E- Mail:

The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod's Return to Atco Raceway "Super Saturday"

Pro Mod's, Outlaw 10.5, Drag Radial And Index Action At Atco, The Ultimate Doorslammer's.

Photos By and "TwistedVette" Photography

Earlier in the week the seasons changed from summer to fall but no one expected to still be feeling mid July temps on this Saturday for the "Super Saturday" at Atco Raceway that featured more than seven classes of drag racing including the "Outlaw 10.5" series, 8.50, 10.0 and 12.0 index, 275 Drag Radial, and the normal class racing of top sportsman, and top dragster. Racing was considerably tight throughout the day even though heat was part of the show that drivers and crews would surely have liked to see gone from this Saturday and maybe get that great air and a cooler surface to head down the 1320ft of concrete and blacktop as racers strive to break records that have been "held back" in ways only an engine can feel with this years unrelenting temps. Read More About Atco Raceway's Super Saturday Here:

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Super Saturday

Enter The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Gallery From The "Atco Super Saturday" 2010 Over 350 Images

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods "Rumble At The Grove" 2010

Pro Modified Thunder In The Distance.


We've all been accustomed to the surroundings of Maple Grove Raceway nestled in the mountainous area of Pennsylvania. Annually there comes a show to the Grove that states the obvious; "The Rumble At The Grove" featuring the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association creating that "Rumble" which Webster's Thesaurus defines when used in a verb, "to make a low heavy rolling sound and to travel with a low reverberating sound" which is the only way to explain to your senses what it is that just shook you from the inside out with the thrum of alcohol pressurized with superchargers and nitrous blasted out the pipes through mega cube big blocks. Inside the team competition a similar "Rumble" was going on within the two classes, Nitrous Only and Blown vs. Turbocharged" in this association the same word also takes on the last entry as the thesaurus defines "a street fight especially among gangs" which in this case is a friendly street fight whereas all the racers are vying for points, status and that ultimate win amongst friends. Read More About The Rumble At The Grove Here:

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Rumble At The Grove

Enter The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Gallery From The "Rumble At The Grove" 2010 Over 350 Images

New Outlaw Drag Racing Flyer Design

Speed World Dragway's New Flyer Featuring Jessica Barton

h-jmotorsports New website releasedIt's not often someone like me gets a chance to work on a flyer design for such an established milestone Outlaw Drag Race such as the 18th Annual Orlando World Street Nationals. Carl Weisinger commissioned this artwork leaving the design up to me personally. Carl expected something edgy, and more gritty with a lot of class as his race personifies. The newest version is over 160 layers in photoshop using various dodging, burning effects and brushes custom made for this project. Various fonts, graphics and photos from the goDragRacing collection are also included in this graphic illustration. It's a task I can say I'm proud to have done and be a part of The Only Real Heads Up Doorslammer Drag Race still left in the USA, Mark your calendars for this event; you will not forget the experience!! Visit Orlando Speed World Dragways Official Website For More Information Here:

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods At Super Chevy Show Maple Grove 2010

Super Chevy Weekend At The Grove, Some Of The Best Pro Modified Drag Racing.

This Author dedicates this review "In Memory Of Milt Decker Sr. and Tommy Gray Sr."

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Super Chevy Maple Grove

Enter The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Gallery From Super Chevy Maple Grove 2010 Here, Over 575 Images

Introduction To The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association Weekend:

Having the inclusion of the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association a part of this amazing weekend of racing with the Super Chevy Show was more or less the icing on the cake to this event of worldwide status from publications to the internet. Bringing over 24 cars to the race in both nitrous assisted and Supercharged is what most would consider being "The Show" mixed in with the most popular "Jet Cars and Wheel Standers" that are the common attraction since the nitro coupes have gone by the wayside, now spectators and fans have the opportunity to see the real 1320 warriors of the sport taking on each other in a two class "Nitrous" alone and "Blown Vs. Turbo" with match racing for the cars that didn't fit the class rules laid out by Super Chevy. The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods bring so much to the quarter mile of Maple Grove Raceway, this was a show inside a show with more horsepower than you could possibly handle. Fans jammed the stands with earplugs, children gazed at the huge burnouts asking parents questions with anticipated gazes awaiting what will happen next in this great family adventure into the senses of sound, smells and memories of Outlaw Drag Racing. Read More Here

New Website Released Performance Warehouse / Parts And Services

One of the trickiest I've had to come across in awhile was switching Harry Gerb's website "H & J Motorsports Performance Warehouse" from a php store format to HTML without the add-on store junk that just doesn't work as far as racing parts and services go unless you drop in a fortune for major marketing which still would be questionable at best and still not hurt his rankings. This was a complete make over from top to bottom to not only now find his parts and services but to also show his racing updates from his team; since we all know of Harry's accomplishments he has a long list already soon to have to add an archive page at the rate he is going!!

h-jmotorsports New website released
Enter The Website Through The Image or This Direct Link

Harry's website is one of the largest with all the neat stuff and completely expandable to as many more pages as he likes featuring a blog style racing updates page where Harry gets to write his own reviews and thanks in simple HTML text with notepad. I have figured there are at least 18 pages of cool stuff based on valid HTML (not including flash add ons) and CSS styling with minimal JavaScript and a few flash and XML generated slideshows in a jQuery style without the heavy JavaScript which uses your computers power and not the servers, we like to make it easy.

This by far is one of the very advanced websites by with built in SEO and maintained by both and Many images also courtesy of "Seth"

Harry is now hosted on Hostgator and a blazingly fast server which I recommend to all my customers, his access to mail is simple, his statistics are shown in two varieties and he has all the latest server features already installed by them.

Make sure to stop in and visit

Also, H-JMotorsports now has a "Customer Testimonials" Page and we are accepting your testimonals / experiences for inclusion, please provide Harry with your name / business / racing team with your positive / negative feedback in an e-mail through his contact page. Your feedback is important and if you can shortly describe your experience "around 100 or less words ... More if you like", a photo that is not copyrighted of your racing operation and if possible a link to your website, facebook or twitter account and it will be promptly added and indexed on the net.

Super Saturday Atco Raceway 6-26-2010

A Powerhouse Day Of Pro Mods, Outlaw 10.5, 275 Drag Radial And Index Drag Racing.

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association At Atco Raceway

Enter The Atco Super Saturday Gallery Here: Over 375 Images

Throughout the year many associations merge with other race venues to bring out a "Social Drag Racing Event" containing more than the handful of classes but more so a complete race all in one day such as what the spectators and fans of these classes found at Atco Raceway's Super Saturday on June 26th with the added benefit of spectator special entrance of only 25 bucks a carload, try to find this much fun for that price anywhere for a family outing. This kind of day at the races is not the norm for most tracks with Pro Mods, Outlaw 10.5, 275 Drag Radial, 8.50 / 10.0 / 12.0 Index Drag Racing to fill the bill. Read More Here

Northeast Rod and Custom Car Show To Feature "Studezilla" Pro Mod

Northeast Custom Car Show Flyer Design With Jessica BartonSince the beginning of the indoor show car circuit, many have envisioned a smaller more "outlaw" or independent style venue using the ISCA style show rules but in a different atmosphere like the giant undertaking of the Northeast Rod And Custom Car Show by Fullhousemotorsports LLC.

The large Autorama's always had the effect on car enthusiasts to be able to draw a crowd and keep them coming back for years as is the case with so many area shows like Toppers Of Fargo and more covering over 50 years of Car Show memories.

In the Northeast area of Pennsylvania, the trend is coming back after missing out on the outlaw styled car show, smaller, independent and familiar to those who used to frequent them back in the good ole times when cars we saw on the streets were polished up and set inside the gleaming halls of huge convention centers.

The Northeast Rod and Custom Car Show is now fast emerging as the show to be at in the tri state area coming in March of 2011, with specialty rides of major importance like Jerry Hunt's "Studezilla" of www.soulcrusherracing.comas one of the firsts to sign onto this great idea.

Most will know this Pro Mod by the spectacular paint that was way out of the norm for the outlandishly stellar paint jobs a mile deep in rich color taking a very different approach to committing it to the "Rat Rod" stealth primer and hazed over rusty look that made all of us rubberneck at this ride, finding cracked headlights, spiders, bugs and bullet holes all over it. Mate the paint scheme with some glaring flames and lay it on top of a Studebaker and you have one seriously individualized Pro Modified.

Northeast Custom Car Show Studezilla Pro ModJerry Hunt will be making his appearances on the weekend of The Northeast Rod And Custom Car Show with "Studezilla" signing autographs and sharing some notable nostalgia with the patrons of this Car Show as will super star models Jessica Barton of the new "MMA Fight Me" Pro Mod Team and PA area Model Krista Elyse, a real Mustang fan herself. During the course of the weekend, car show fanatics will have the opportunity to browse through the major classes including all types of cars to choppers and trucks with these lovely ladies taking time to be a part of the car, owner, sponsor, vendor and patron experience, not too shabby guys.

The Philly Expo Center In Oaks, PA. will be the place you will find more stars and cars this coming March of 2010 inside one of the largest suburban exhibition centers on the east coast with up to 230,000 square feet of uninterrupted exhibition space with Over 5000 free on site parking spaces and wireless internet connections. As the year turns an opening day closes in, the website by will be under constant updates with the arrival of two new supporting sponsors YearOne of Orsca Fame and RB Components grabbing the first notable sponsor spots as of this writing.

The inevitable popularity of the indoor car shows will be a part of the Northeast's history when this show takes off on its inaugural date of March 23rd through the 25th. Become a part of a new rich history and relish in the glow of fascinating machines, awesome craftsmanship and brilliant design.

Visit for information on this emerging show of the 2011 year.

Newly Released Website Design For Fiberglass Repair Services

Newly Release Website Design For John Campbell, owner and operator of C2it Enterprises LLC gains a substantial web presence with the inclusion of a new website to further his area profile among the best fiberglass, carbon fiber repair services, a full website with built in SEO, logo design, internet marketing and gallery of customers.

A valid XHTML website using both tables and CSS styling to give it that pre made website feel but done by hand in basic HTML converted to XHTML.

C2it Enterprises is one of the most recognized names in fiberglass repair, from fleet service to modifying race cars such as well known Outlaw Drag Racers, Joe Newsham, Tom and TJ Kasper, Bill Verzilli, and Brad Harris. John Campbell will surely stand out in a tough competitive field of motor home, coach, truck, automotive, marine and more repairs with skilled gel coating and paint matching. Serving the tri state area's

Visit The Official Website of

GoDragRacing Photography Featured On Competition Plus And Shakedown At E Town

Crash At Raceway Park Sequence

Written by Bobby Bennett
Tuesday, 25 May 2010 17:20

Raceway Park Crash SequenceBetween last November and May of this year, ADRL Pro Nitrous racer John Bartunek admits he was as indecisive as he's ever been about drag racing. His uncertainty had nothing to do with the tune-up of his engine or which series he should race. Instead, Bartunek was hesitant about whether he wanted to race at all following a 2009 crash where his car went airborne and flipped violently. One look at the footage of the crash Bartunek experienced last November during the Shakedown at E'town event in Englishtown, NJ., would leave the most seasoned driver second-guessing whether they'd want to race, too. For the record, Bartunek quit and decided to come back six times.

"Every week, you stop and wonder if it's really worth it," said Bartunek, who raced for the first time since the wreck at the ADRL U.S. Drags III in Richmond, Va. "You know putting all the time, the money, the traveling, it's tough. With a family and stuff, but we love to do this stuff and I enjoy it, that's the reason I'm about to do it again."

Bartunek just missed the sixteen-car field with a 4.026 best run but making the field was secondary to just finding his spot in the game again. Friday's first qualifying run was the first time for both he and his repaired car down the track since the accident. Bartunek admits the crash was a combination of driver error [aggressive driving] and a parachute getting underneath the wheelie bars. Jerry Haas, the car's original chassis builder, was able to rebuild the car from the remnants of the crash. "You can't tell that it was ever touched," Bartunek admits. "I mean Jerry did an absolute awesome job."

The initial indecision for Bartunek, he admits, was the long time which lapsed between the accident and the time the race car was returned to the strip. There's a common belief amongst those racers who have suffered a catastrophic crash which suggests the best way to eliminate the second-guessing is to get back on the track as soon as possible. "That's a fact," Bartunek confirmed. "You start thinking if it's time to call it quits. A lot of things run through your head. But you know, I like doing this stuff and that was unfortunately something that happened that we had no control over."

Bartunek's first run since the crash inspired a flurry of emotions. "It's interesting you know when you back away from the burn out and you're looking down the track thinking about what happened last time," Bartunek explained. "I'm pretty calm and confident." He did get out of the run early just to play on the conservative side. His first run was tuned aggressively, probably a bit too much for the first hit coming back. "I started out at a 3.80 pace and ended up at 4.09," Bartunek said. "The motor just wasn't tuned up right so hopefully this run will be a little better. I felt real confident, the car's perfectly straight, it's doing everything it does. Just like [chassis builder] Jerry told me on the phone, don't worry about it just let the clutch out."

And with the advice, Bartunek shuffled the Englishtown memories to the back of his mind.

See The Full Raceway Park Crash Sequence Here:

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WickedGrafixx Press Release: Apparel for the Wicked Outlaw Drag Racing Teams, by WickedGrafixx

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Kpsonservices is heavily involved in social media as their base for operating and now is ready to go to a global level with a full website but first a "branding" if you will was needed.

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RIP Susan Verzilli, Racing FamilySusan Verzilli Memorial Collection

As you all know, Susan Verzilli, wife of Bill Verzilli passed away in January. She was a wonderful person, devoted to her husband and children Kim and Billy. Susan was also very dedicated to drag racing, being a loyal crew chief to her husband, as well as being involved with the 8.50 Index series and the Shakedown at E-town. She loved being at the track and always had a smile on her face for everyone. Susan always welcomed everyone into their extended racing family.

In honor of Susan, we are starting a collection in her memory to help out Bill and his family during these tough times. We are asking fellow friends and racers to make a small donation of $20.00. We will be collecting donations at Raceway Park, Englishtown, this Friday, April 23rd at the 8.50 Index race and at Atco Raceway's 8.50 Index race on Saturday May 8th. We will be presenting the collection to Bill at the end of the day at Atco's 8.50 Index race on May 8th. We request that you stop by our trailer as it will be difficult for us to walk around the pits to everyone. If you will not be able to contribute at either of these races we also have a PayPal account set up for the donations. The PayPal e-mail address is . If you choose to pay via PayPal please be sure to include your full name and contact information. There will also be a card for everyone to sign in person. If paying via PayPal we will add your name to the card. A full list of names will be given to Bill with the card as well so he knows who contributed.

Unfortunately, we do not have everyone's contact information so we please ask that you pass this information around to anyone you know who may be interested in donating. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 732-237-9481 or through private messaging on the message boards.

Craig and Ali Buscio
Buscio Racing

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  • "Coming Soon"
    A complete design for drag racing promoter and racer "Dave Hance" full website
    Including Galleries, videos, and information of this oustanding friend to all racers.
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  • New website For Outlaw Pro Modified 1963 Corvette Drag Racing Team "Blasiracing"

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The Northeast Rod & Custom Car Show Official Website

Full website design, for full developement including compact css style sheets, XHTML version design, fixed width, Custom menus easily navigated and fast. Website contains over 17 pages with more to come as it increases in size, easily expandable format with interesting car show information about their plans. The website will be maintained by with SEO integration and Fullhousemotorsportsllc. Also included was logo, graphics and header designs, full color flyers in printable sizes. The owner of the website states below,

The Full House Motorsports Car Club is please to announce their involvement in the 2011 NorthEast Rod & Custom Car Show that is scheduled to take place on March 25, 26, 27 or 2011. The Full House Motorsports Car Club's parent company, Full House Motorsports, LLC is responsible for the production of the show. Full House Motorsports, LLC is a consultation/promotion/production company that is involved with many more area events than people realize!! The 2011 NorthEast Rod & Custom Car Show is an evolution of the many years of experience being involved with the automotive industry. There has not been an indoor show similar to this since 2006 when the Mid-Atlantic Rod & Custom Car Show was held at the now closed Ft. Washington Expo Center. Before that, the last time the Philadelphia region saw a show like this goes back to the mid 90's! Well, that's about to change!! The 2011 NorthEast Rod & Custom Car Show will be held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. We ask that you visit the website at to get further details!!

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The Shakedown At E Town

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Logo Design Of Donations Tachometer By 3Deuce Speedshop Hotrod Cartoons, Awesome Cartooning And Custom Artwork.
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Toppers Custom Car Club on Facebook
Toppers Custom Car Club On Facebook Art Contest Logo Design Winner "Rat Rod Studios"

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