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RPM Magazine Press Release

RPM PowerFest, More Than a Drag Race...It's A Festival of Power!
3 Exciting new announcements for the RPM Magazine Family PowerFest & Media Weekend

that will only add to the fun for the whole family!

Brantford, Ontario - May 26, 2010

Lucas Oil Products extends it commitment to the PowerFest by adding their Lucas Oil Racer Appreciation program for the event competitors. "It's simple, the first 250 racers in the gate for the PowerFest will receive a 5 litre jug of Lucas Oil Products 10W30 oil and bottle of Lucas's incredible Slick Mist paint detailer," said Lucas Oil's Steve Snowden. "These are the people that are putting on the show and we want to help show our appreciation to them!"
Twisted Intentions Motorcycle Stunts
Twisted Intentions!
Twisted Intentions, a wild motorcycle stunt team out of Southwestern Ontario, Canada will be performing a minimum of 2 shows on Saturday June 25th during the RPM Magazine PowerFest weekend at Grand Bend Motorplex in Grand Bend Ontario, Canada. There are five "twisted" individuals that make-up the team; Brent Klauka, Erik Urban, Jamie Gagnier, Jeff Kacan, and Keith Brown and all five will be performing at once during their scheduled shows! Get ready for some intense motorcycle stunts that will leave you saying, "man those guys are twisted!"

Drag Racer Bob MacDonald brings his Lucas Oil Race Car Simulator on wheels to the PowerFest!!

In 1995 Constable Bob McDonald first developed his racing car simulator from a Can Am midget race car which he formally had been racing with the Can Am Midget Club. With the support and understanding of his police service the Woodstock City Police, the race car simulators have continued to evolve. Over the years the simulators have made hundreds of appearances at drug education events and public events in Ontario.

Several years ago Lucas Oil Canada became involved in Constable Bob McDonald's focus, using racing as an interactive tool to gather the attention of the youth to open the door in delivering an effective substance abuse message.

Now, the Lucas Oil Race Car Simulators encompasses five driving stations where all five drivers are racing on the same computer generated race track, which are all self contained in an enclosed race car trailer. The simulators fit a wide variety of people who express an interest in stock car racing. When at events, outside of the drug education events, members of the public are invited to take an opportunity to try their hand at racing head to head. With the help of Lucas Oil thousands have already taken advantage of this and many more will have an opportunity in the future.

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